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The Zubora (Equus cornus) is a Herbivore which shares its appearances with that of a zebra. It is a docile creature like most other Herbivores, although if it or its young are attacked, it will attack with its hooves and its nose horn. They are prized for their striped pelts.


Front Kick- The Zubora whinnies and thrashes at the hunter with its front hooves, dealing low damage and knocking the hunter over.

Back Kick- The Zubora snorts and does a donkey kick, knocking the hunter over and dealing low damage.

Charge- The Zubora runs forward with its nose horn, dealing low damage.


Carve Item Percentage

Zubora Pelt

The striped pelt of a Zubora. Its smooth fur is often used as armor lining or expensive clothing.


Zubora Horn

A Zubora nose horn. Perfect for making Flutes.


Zubora Hoof

A sharp hoof from a Zubora. Usually used more for running than fighting.



Zuboras are low on the food chain, falling prey to many predators such as Leocougrius and his pride, Rathalos and Rathian, Ryunouksas, Cephadrome, Deviljho, and more. Zuboras themselves like to graze upon the grass or flowers below them, although they take a liking to Cactus Flowers.

A Zubora's preferred habitat is somewhere flat with plenty of food and area to roam free in. They are herd animals, and live in grasslands, deserts, and savannahs.


  • Zuboras have the same body movement as Kelbi or Anteka.
  • They are the favorite prey of Leocougrius and his underlings.
  • They can be seen eating cacti or grass.

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