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Nicknames: Zuri
Titles: Great Wandering Dragon
Other Info
Description: A large Elder Dragon similar to Lao Shang-Lung
Species: Elder Dragon
Habitats: Hero's Valley
Other monsters in Relation: Lao Shang-Lung
Elements: None
Ailments: Paralysis
Weaknesses: Dragon on Stomach
Signature move: Grand Roar
Creator: Imrik37
Zihurios is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter U. It travels slowly along the areas of the Hero's Valley in a similar style to Lao Shang-Lung and Shen Gaoren. It can release paralyzing gases from vents in it's back and legs.


"A powerful dragon that wanders semi-aimlessly throughout the world. It will mindlessly charge through entire twons and cities without realising, only attacking when it feels threatened. Scientists detect that its movements are unpredictable and have no patterns"

Zihurios are rarely sighted due to their nature of being nomadic. They never stop in one location and will continue moving through inhabited areas. One such creature featured in Monster Hunter U approaches the Hero's Valley connecting Hakoru Village and the local Guild Hall, where it is repelled due to the extreme amount of defensive anti-dragon weaponry kept in the walls from Dragonators to Wyvernfire Cannons.

The common Zihurios has sandy-colored scales with a large crest above each of its eyes. The vents and pores on its back and its legs can release paralyzing gases at will, allowing it to take out large groups of animals without trouble. It is far more slender than Lao Shang-Lung, yet it chooses to leisurely walk around but has the energy and shape to move quickly when enraged. They have hard backplates which reduce damage taken.

They aren't limited to this color-some sport white or purple scales or have larger crests, yet the Guild doesn't yet consider these to be true subspecies.


  • Zihurios cannot be trapped, paralysed, put to sleep or Knocked Out, like most other Elder Dragons, but it can be poisoned.
  • Zihurios appear in many colors, yet these differences are only aesthetical.
  • The gas that Zihurios emmits can paralyse hunters.
    • It uses this to get hunters off its back when mounted.
  • Zihurios can be ridden, but will shake hunters off with its gas attacks when enraged
  • It enters rage at 50% health. The affects of this are:
    • Its head crests will glow orange and its movement speed will increase.
    • As soon as it enters rage, it will roar with a strength greater than that of a Raviente. HG Earplugs and shields cannot block this roar and require the new SHG Earplugs skill to block.
      • This can however, be blocked with the Guard Up skill.
    • Its gas attacks inflict a greater paralysis that lasts for a longer time than usual.
  • Its head crests, backplates, legs and head can all be broken and its tail severed and carved twice.
    • The gas can be stopped by breaking both the legs and backplates.
  • It can be carved a total of 8 times-3 head carves, 3 body carves and two tail carves.

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