Nicknames: Zaku
Titles: Fiery Dog Wyvern
Other Info
Description: Dangerous female Bird Wyverns that roam hot areas in big packs. The males are known as Great Zakusa, and together they work as a team to overpower their prey with a molten spit.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Desert, Volcano, Sandy Plains, Volcano (3rd), Volcanic Hollow, Scrublands, Wilting Lands, Scorched Prairies, Dunes
Other monsters in Relation: Great Zakusa, Jaggi, Baggi, Wroggi
Elements: 20px
Ailments: 18px
Weaknesses: 20px
Signature move: Molten Spit
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English Name: Zakusa (Zah-ku-za)

Romaji: Zukiinosu

The Zakusa, is a female Raptorial Bird Wyvern found in hot areas. The males are known as Great Zakusa.


Zakusas are a little bigger than their other Raptorial Bird Wyvern relatives. They have pale red scales with black bony pads along their backs. Between these pads of bone is a molten fluid that runs along their spine and drip towards the end of their tail. They have sharp, serrated teeth that curve backwards, a purple tongue, and huge, blood red cheekbones that they use to store their molten saliva.


Zakusas are all female. The male version of the species is known as the Great Zakusa, which is considerably larger and has a different appearance. Zakusas are known to be quite timid when they are not disturbed, often walking around the area and taking rests between hunts. When they are seen hunting however, they completely change to bloodthirsty monsters that work cooperatively as a team. They use their molten spit to burn and incapacitate targets. When they are lazing about, and a Great Zakusa enters the area, they will immediately spring up and run towards him, following him around the area until he departs.


Zakusas are found in hot, dry areas like deserts and volcanoes.

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