Nicknames: Ypel
Titles: Forest Eater, The Biggest Predator
Other Info
Description: A Fanged Wyvern that lives in forests and groves. Its pelt is so felty and dense that weapons hardly get through it. Ypelkeras feed of timber and is very peaceful.
Species: Fanged Wyvern
Habitats: Forested areas like the Dark Hain in Arnin-Hol
Other monsters in Relation: -
Elements: -
Ailments: StatusEffect-Stun-MH3U Icon
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Tail attacks
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


Ypelkeras has dense, red fur all over the body, even limbs and tail are covered by hairs. Its tail is thin and club-like, most of the time rolled up unless it gets enraged. The Wyvern's hind legs are very muscular and stable, while its front limbs with claws are less stable but strong what's explained by it often standing on the hind legs and using its arms to attack. It has four great fangs and a wide mouth. The head is broad and yellow.


Average: 1847,52 cm

Biggest size measured: 2242,88 cm


Ypelkeras prefers forested areas because its main food source is wood and inhabits exemplarily the Dark Hain and the Primeval Forest.


  • The weakness is fire, then wind
  • In Rage Mode it unrolls its tail and huffs smoke.
  • When exhausted it gets slower.
  • The fur is so dense and felty that close ranged weapons simply bounce off.
    • Because of this it's very peaceful and can ignore most attacks.
  • Members of regional tribes call it "The Biggest Predator" even though it's herbivorous.
    • This can be explained by its habit standing up to make it look bigger and its fangs.
  • Ypelkeras feeds on timber which it tears down itself. The fangs are used to tear apart pieces of the tree.
  • The monster's claws are drenched with a fluid that stuns its target.
  • Breakable parts are the fangs, the pelt (twice), the claws and the tail can be severed.
    • When the fangs are broken it needs more time to feed.
    • When the tail is severed it can't use its tail throw and pin attack.


  1. Bite
  2. Tail whip
  3. Body slam
  4. Claw attack (stun)
  5. Hip check
  6. Pin attack (Ypelkeras catches the target with its tail and squeezes it)
  7. Tail throw (catches the target and throws it away)
  8. Tail smash (quakes)


Ypelkeras Fang (only when broken), Ypelkeras Claw (only when broken), Ypelkeras Tail (when cut and carved), Ypelkeras Hide, Ypelkeras Pelt, Robust Pelt (when broken), Ypelkeras Scale

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