Yian Glacia
Nicknames: x
Titles: x
Other Info
Description: x
Species: x
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: Fire
Signature move: x
Creator: Democide


Its color is light blueish white and the underside of the wings are green. It can completely disappear in the snow. It uses ice element and a soporific that it can combine when enraged. Its ears are spiked and thinners what looks triangular. The tail is long and widens halfway. The end of the tail is triangular and has ice spikes that cause ice damage but can also inflict sleep. It's bigger than a Yian Garuga. It has hairs on its legs that keep them warm. Its beak is white with green stripes (Like Yian Kut Ku with red stripes) and has icicles that grow down its upper jaw. The icicles cannot melt. The beak is short and round but the upper jaw has a jag at the end that goes down the lower jaw. In Rage Mode it breathes ice and the wing insides become darker. The weakness is fire. It feeds of Lirota. It's a further Subspecies of the Yian Kut Ku.


It lives in the Snowy Mountains, the Tundra and the Antarctic Ground.




Possible attacks: Ice ball Three ice balls Ice beam Ice ball with soporific (only in Rage Mode) Spit soporific Pecking Tail whip (ice and sleep) Back Flip (like Yian Garuga) Ice beam while flying (looks like Kushala Daora's wind beam) Breakable parts

are the icicles, the beak (after icicles), the wings (both), the back and the tail. The tail can be severed after breaking it.


Yian Glacia Ear (only when broken), Yian Glacia Icicle (only when broken), Yian Glacia Beak (only when broken), Yian Glacia Wing (when broken), Yian Glacia Tail (when broken or/and carved from tail), Yian Glacia Scale, Yian Glacia Spike (when back broken), Yian Glacia Shell, Sleep Sac, Frost Sac, Yian Glacia Pelt

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