Wyvern Rex (Monster Hunter EX)
Nicknames: W.Rex
Titles: The Ancient Violent Wyvern
Other Info
Description: see below
Species: Pseudowyvern /Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Anywhere
Other monsters in Relation: Tigrex, Tigrex Subspecies, Tigrex Rare Species, Diorekkusu
Elements: None
Ailments: Defense down
Weaknesses: Thunder, Dragon
Signature move: Trampling Charge
Creator: Gojira57

The Wyvern Rex is a large pseudo wyvern that was thought to be extinct until quite recently. It makes a full appearance in Monster Hunter EX. It can only be fought at G-rank.

MH Concept Wyvernrex

The Wyvern Rex

In Game Description

Monster Hunter EX

A Savage Wyvern that was thought to be extinct. Unfortunately we were wrong. With quick and savage attacks, this beast is a deadly advesary to any hunter.

Introduction scene

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Move set

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  • Wyvern Rex Scale
  • Wyvern Rex Plate
  • Wyvern Rex Carapace
  • Wyvern Rex Wing
  • Wyvern Rex Talon
  • Wyvern Rex Skull
  • Wyvern Rex Topaz

Equipment and Weapons

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  • When Enraged, it will huff black smoke
  • It's theme is the Tigrex Theme from MH4.
  • When Fatigued, it will Prey on an Herbivore to regain stamina.
  • It is able to be found in any unstable enviroment quest in G-rank at any time, including Harvest Tour quests.
  • ITs weapons requires 3 Wyvern Rex Topazes, one to create the weapons, and two additional ones for the maximum upgrade.

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