Similar to the Battle Gauntlet (by Uklanos Subspecies), but with blades on them, and are in pairs, one per arm. Able to do quick combos like dual swords, and also able to have two different elements.  They also tend to have high sharpness. But they are no more powerful than a Battle gauntlet, in fact, they are actually weaker in terms of attack power. Whereas Battle gauntlets do impact damage, wrist blades do cutting damage.

There are two types: Light and Heavy.


  • Can have two different elements
  • Can chain fast combos
  • High sharpness
  • Good Manuverability (light only)
  • Can block attacks (Heavy only)


  • Slow manuverability (Heavy only)
  • Cannot Block attacks (Light only)
  • Cannot inflict KO status
  • Not very powerful (even the Heavy Wrist blades set only reaches the strength of a Lance set, in terms of Attack power)


  • Slash Attack: Basic move
  • Slash combo: Basic combo
  • Jab and stab: Stabs the target repeatedly
  • Flip: The user flips to avoid damage (light only)
  • Dash attack: The user runs towards the target and slashes (light only)
  • Block (Heavy only)
  • Power/Elemental surge: Stabs the target and inflicts Power/elemental damage by surging the power directly into the target.
  • Spin attack: Good for multiple small enemies
  • Aierial spin: An aierial attack
  • Grapple stab: Grabs onto the back of a monster and starts repeatedly stabbing. May get a rare carve while doing so.

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