Wilolu Forest is so called for the fact that Wilolu gather here during the mating season. despite this, it is also home to many other dangerous monsters. There is a ruins of a large temple in the center of the forest, often called the Ravenous Temple.



  • Aptonoth
  • Kelbi
  • Slagtoth
  • Mosswine

Serpent Wyverns

Pelegus / Fanged beasts

  • Wilolu (most numerous during mating season)
  • Bullfango
  • Bulldrome
  • Arzuros
  • Vampirak
  • Kechawacha
  • Gogomoa
  • Conga
  • Congalala

Bird wyverns

  • Qurupeco
  • Crismon Qurupeco
  • Yian kut ku
  • Gargwa
  • Grypceros
  • Hypnocatrice

Pseudo wyverns

  • Nargacuga
  • Green Nargacuga

True wyverns

  • Espinas
  • Rathian

Brute wyverns

  • Duramboros
  • Abiorugu
  • Deviljho


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coming soon

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