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Attacks known

Note: Leave suggestions for new attacks if you like!

Dragon claw

Slahes at the target with it's claws, surrounded by dragon element. Upon connection with target, it inflicts dragon blight. Will fail to do this when stamina is low.


Will let out a roar that requires HG-Earplugs to block. Can be connected with a Dragon claw attack.

Tail Whip

Will whip targets with it's tail.

Dragon spin

Will Spin around and around, Claws wide open and surrounded with dragon element, slashing targets like a buzz saw. Will trip after finishing, leaving it vulnerable.

Pounce and Rake

Will pounce on a target. If successful, it will pin the target, and rake him/her with it's claws, doing damage with each swipe. The hunter can be saved if a dung bomb is used.

Tastes Like Gargwa!

This move is only used when the Wilolu is fatigued. It will try to grab a hunter. if successful, it will start to do a pin attack that involves sitting down, and putting the hunter in it's mouth, tasting it, and then throws the hunter away, but not before it steals a meat based item like raw meat or well done steak. This can actually be used against it if the hunter has a Poisoned meat, tainted meat or drugged meat in his/her inventory.

Terror tactics

The Wilolu will Roar a terrible howl that will inflict Fear status on any nearby hunters and small monsters.


A Wilolu is smart enough to use new techniques if need be, as they never attack the same way twice. So this list may not be revelent to the Wilolu in combat.

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