Area Description

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The Mesa


An arid land near a desert, most species here are Flying Wyverns. Template:!- Template:! Location Template:! West Continent, near the dead desert. Template:!- Template:! Most common monster Template:! Valthien Template:!- Template:! Largest Monster Template:! Gallant Valthien

The Mesa is an area located at the West Continent, it's a highly desolated terrain with tall cliffs, there is sand on the top and the bottom, the rock that forms the canyons is red and the sky always has a brown/yellow haze.


Herbivores and small predators are very scarce, it's uncommon to find Apceros or Bisonoth, and the very few Gendrome and Maggani have signs of starvation, all these appear on the lower parts of the mesa.

At the very top of the canyon, large nests of wyverns exist, and they commonly fight for territory, the wyverns seen and the moment are Rathalos and Rathian, Azaumasa, Lagartodon, Valthien (Which is the most common), Gallant Valthien and Valthorn.

Other notes

  • Some canyons hold caverns within them, where water can be found, herbivores make these places their homes, and large wyverns also enter these areas via larger caves.
  • It is said that in a specific canyon somewhere in the mesa there is a long cave that reaches the depths of the earth, and that a god dragon lives at the very end of the cave.
  • Just like the Dry Desert, this area is very hostile to both humans and animals, due to the sun's effect and the major predators that live in these areas.

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