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Nicknames: Were-gala
Titles: Neo Therianthrope
Other Info
Species: Therianthropes
Habitats: anywhere
Other monsters in Relation: None
Elements:  ?
Ailments: Frenzy Virus/ Therianthropy M
Weaknesses: Dragon, Fire
Signature move: Dark shot
Creator: Gojira57

The Were-Magala is a Therianthrope that appears in Monster Hunter EX. It resembles a humanoid Gore Magala, complete with wings. It's arms, however, are slim compared to other Therianthropes. Legend goes that it's the result of a Genetic mutation of the Therianthrope virus that allowed for it to fuse with the Gore Magala's Feral wyvern virus, and upon infecting a certain person, the Were-Magala was born.

They are enemies with Were-Deviljho, and the two will fight to the death if they encounter each other.

Meeting the pack...

Unlike Were-Deviljho, who are solitary hunters,  Were-Magala's follow a caste system, which determines the strength of the said Were-Magala.

Alpha Were-Magala

The strongest of the pack, and the only one, that can directly spread the virus through a bite. They are Extremely Intelligent, and are capable of learning a hunter's attack pattern and take advantage of any weaknesses accordingly. They are particulary evil Therianthropes, so be careful when fighting them. Wheras most people, upon infection, are unable to control their transformations, Alphas can counter this defect to some degree, but even they can't hide it fully. The Alphas and Betas are the only ones out of the pack that can use Human speech in beast form.

Beta Were-Magala

The Second strongest of the pack, and also share the Alpha's intelligence. They are unable to spread their condition, but they can "promote" an omega to Beta status if the said omega proves itself. With this promotion comes an increase in intelligence. A beta may become an Alpha if the old one dies.

Omega Were-Magala

The most numerous, and more animal like variants of the pack, They are often people who just turned, or are just understanding their infection. An alpha may let an omega join the pack, but if the omega refuses, the Alpha could either force the Omega to, or even kill him/her outright.


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