Nicknames: Were-Jho
Titles: Violent Therianthrope
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Therianthrope
Habitats: anywhere
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: Dragon
Ailments: Dragonblight, Therianthropy D
Weaknesses: Thunder, Dragon
Signature move: Dragon breath, slash
Creator: Gojira57

The Were-Deviljho is a new monster in Monster Hunter Xenos that belongs to the new Therianthrope class. A Were-Deviljho is the result of when a person contracts the Therianthrope Virus that represents it's respective beast, in this case a Deviljho.

There are a total of two known variants of Were-Deviljho in Xenos.

  1. Feral Were-Deviljho: these variants are people who failed to retain their human mind as a beast, and as such, lose control entirely, thus becoming feral beasts forever. These variants are what gave Therianthropes a bad rap in the Xenos community
  2. Sane Were-Deviljho: Variants that managed to retain their humanity, even in beast form. Even so, they are often subjected to prejudice from other people.


Any where there are people and/or prey to be found, a were deviljho will happily live there, be it the freezing tundra, or the Scorching volcano, in fact, you may have seen one, and not know it.

It was thought that they only inhabited Xenos, though it now appears that they are also found in Primius, suggesting that they are more widspread than people thought.

In Game info

The Were deviljho is as mysterious as it is deadly in combat. Even those who could control the beast within them are known to be subjected to predjudice from other people. No one knows where or how it came to be, but one thing is for certain.... The Were deviljho is worth researching.


  •  It is the first non event small boss monster.
  • When low on stamina, it will attack a prey animal, such as an Aptonoth, and eat it to regain stamina.
  • Only Feral Were-Deviljho are able to be hunted, though the player can meet Sane Were-Deviljho in Cities, Towns, and in the Wilds, though they won't attack on sight like the Feral Variety.
  • Although deadly with their Physical strength, they are equally challenging at range, using the dragon element similarly to its namesake, the Deviljho.
  • Interestingly, When fighting a Feral Were-Deviljho, The normal Deviljho's theme will play.
  • There is an Event in Monster Hunter Xenos where the player can fight two Were-Deviljho in the arena.
  • The Were-Deviljho in High rank through X-Rank can call a Deviljho, Savage Deviljho, or Jurassic Deviljho respectively, using a howl like roar.
  • unlike it's name sake, it can be fought at low rank, though it wont be as strong as it is in higher ranks.
  • In rage mode, the Were Deviljho's muscles swell up, similarly to a Deviljho
  • The player can willingly contract the Were-Deviljho Virus in a certain quest. The Were-Deviljho form will then be added to the abilities list.
  • As a Therianthrope, the player is immune to diseases, and have an ability tree. Small monsters as well as large ones (except for elder dragons, Kirin and Chameleos being the exceptions) can be fed upon to gain "Beast EXP", which are used to level up the beast form, similar to an upgrade to a weapon, which requires materials.
  • However, The Therianthrope's armor rating are low at the beginning, and can only be boosted through beast upgrades.

Monster Hunter EX

It returns in Monster Hunter EX

  • It is largely unchanged in terms of move sets.
  • It is highly resistant, or perhaps even immune to, the Goa magara's Feral wyvern virus.
  • It can now climb.
  • Players can still gain the Were-Deviljho form in this game.
  • It gets its own cut-scene.


  • The Inspiration for the Were-Deviljho came from the concept of the Werewolf, part of the condition known in mythology as Lycanthropy, But "Therianthrope", rather than Lycanthrope, was chosen for the class name, since Lycanthropy has to do with mainly werewolves, and the ability to turn into a wolf. Therianthrope has to do with being able to turn into an Animal, so the name was appropriate for the class.
  • A were-deviljho named Zach makes his first debut in MH Prime 1 Crisis

Story appearences

  • Monster Hunter Prime 1 Crisis