Water Barroth
Water barroth
Nicknames: G.Barroth, Swimming barroth
Titles: The water bulldozer
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Brute Wyvern
Habitats: Underwater Ruins
Other monsters in Relation: Barroth, Jade Barroth
Elements: Water
Ailments: Waterblight
Weaknesses: Unknown
Signature move: Underwater ram
Creator: Anon

Monster Description

This is a Barroth that lives in the Underwater Ruin and developed fins.


It develops a fin at both sides of its head. The rest of its body is like an original Barroth. The skin color of this monster is dark green.


It lives in the underwater ruin, often seen swimming around ruins.


It attacks like normal Barroth, but with no mud effect.

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