Nicknames: x
Titles: x
Other Info
Description: x
Species: x
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: dragon, then wind
Signature move: x
Creator: Democide


Its scales are mostly white but on its tail there are some to spikes evolved red scales. Its tail has a blueish color and the head has a reddish color. Its wings are wide and the underside has an ice blue color. Its head has a big excrescence that contains a warmth and fire producing organ. The tail has the similar shape like the head excrescence, a longer upper end and a shorter lower end and contains a coldness and ice producing organ. With these two organs it can fly through the ice. It melts it first with the warmth and freezes it with the coldness. With its tail attacks it can inflict ice damage, with a headbutt it can inflict fire damage and it can produce balls, breaths and beams of both elements. After damaging the head twice it cannot fly through the ice anymore and smashes the ice what causes a shiny drop. It will do this for 2-3 times before stopping flying through the ice. When its tail is broken twice it cannot freeze the ice floe and it takes time to freeze again. When it is stunned while attacking with the ice beam attack with its head raised through the ice it will be stuck from some seconds. In Rage Mode its head and tail shines brightly in the color it has. The weakness is dragon, then wind. It feeds of any monster it can find.


It lives in the Snowy Ice Floe area.


Possible attacks:

  • Ice breath
  • Fire breath
  • Ice ball
  • Fire ball
  • Ice beam
  • Fire beam
  • Tail whip (ice damage)
  • Headbutt (fire damage)
  • Swimming under the ice floe and attack with a fire beam
  • Flying through the ice without freezing it and attack with an ice beam while raising its head through the hole
  • Tail smashing down on the ice producing an ice shower blocking sight

Breakable parts:

are the head (twice), the tail (twice), the wings (both) and the chest. The tail can be severed after breaking it twice.


Wacodaris Claw, Wacodaris Skull (only when head broken), Wacodaris Wing (when broken), Wacodaris Tail (when broken or/and carved from tail), Wacodaris Scale, Wacodaris Shell, Giant Coldness Organ (only when tail broken twice or/and carved from tail), Giant Warmth Organ (only when head broken twice)

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