CRE Volcoros-11ec7712 sml
Titles: Volcanic God
Other Info
Species: Elder Dragon
Habitats: Desert of Ashes
Other monsters in Relation: Dire Miralis?
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Fireblight, Severe Fireblight
Weaknesses: Dragon
Signature move: Meteor shower shot
Creator: Gojira57

NOTE: This Render is not Final.... If anyone can make a better render, please do so, as I can never make a good creature with spore.

The Volconous is an elder dragon similar to Dire Miralis, first introduced in Monster Hunter EX's Wyvernborn Expansion. It is only found in the Desert of Ashes. it is only fought at G-rank

In Game info

An Elder dragon said to be the cause of the creation of The Desert of Ashes, and the destruction of entire civilizations. Can mere humans quell it's unending rage, or will we go extinct like the civilizations before us?


Coming soon...

Armor sets

Coming soon....

Move set

Most of it's attacks are reminecent of Dire miralis except for two new attacks.

  • Flamethrower Eruption: Uses the wingplates on it's back to use a flamethrower like attack after standing down on all fours, and positioning the wingplates as to aim at the hunter. Causes Severe Fireblight.
  • Sulfur Dust spread: Spreads sulfur dust off it's body. Anyone in range will be inflicted with HG Poison.


  • It's face, claws, and Wingplates can all be broken, and it's tail severed.
  • But Breaking the Wingplates will not affect it's eruption attacks.
  • It will fire meteors out of it's wingplates constantly. The meteors can be mined to get Meteoric shards, but only if it is mined before it cools down.
  • It shares Dire Miralis' theme.

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