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The Vlatsaroth is a Pseudowyvern known for its elusive nature. Vlatsaroth are exclusively female and their male counterpart is known as Tsepetosh. It is a bat-like Flying Wyvern that is mainly found in the Jungle or within caves, it prefers to hunt at night when there aren't many larger predators out. Vlatsaroth offspring are known as Tseplat.

Vlatsaroth are large beasts with dark grey scales and pale pink fur starting from the top of their head, down their back to halfway down their tails. They have large incisors and canines that are very sharp like needles, Vlatsaroth have long, slender necks and hazel coloured eyes. Since they are nocturnal they usually hunt at night but it's not often for them to be seen during the day when they are asleep. Not only are they good runners but they are also excellent climbers, able to scale just about any solid surface with their adapted wings. Vlatsaroth normally feed on medium-sized sleeping prey by using their needle sharp teeth to pierce the flesh and feed on blood, they will sometimes feed on monsters larger than themselves but it is very rare. They have horn-like ears which can pick up sounds from many kilometres away. The webbing of their wings are also pale pink in colour and they also have a single barb on the end of the tail.

Vlatsaroth are vulnerable to Sonic Bombs as they have extremely sensitive hearing and it will stun them for quite some time. Flash Bombs have no effect on these Flying Wyverns as they are nearly completetly blind so to find their prey and navigate through terrain they use echolocation.

When in Rage mode, Vlatsaroth's body turns white and the fur and wing webbings turn red, it will also huff white smoke. It will also use its screech more often when in a rage.

When weak, Vlatsaroth will starting limping and will fly off to seek safety within caves or trees so it can rest. When hungry, Vlatsaroth will drool red saliva.


  • Sonic Screech
  • Pinning Leap - Signature Move
  • Bite
  • Boulder Throw


Common - Vlatsaroth Claw, Vlatsaroth Webbing, Vlatsaroth Hide, Vlatsaroth Scale

Uncommon - Wyvern Fang, Soft Fur, Vlatsaroth Tail

Breakable Parts

  • Wings
  • Tail (Sever)
  • Teeth
  • Ears