Violet Rathalos
Nicknames: V.Rath
Titles: The mutant king, King of the purple Skies.
Other Info
Description: A Rare Rathalos whose body is purple in color.
Species: Flying Wyvern.
Habitats: Forest And Hills, Tower, Misty Peaks, Hyldin Swamp.
Other monsters in Relation: Rathalos, Steel Rathalos
Elements: Fire.
Ailments: Fireblight, Severe Firebligh, Poison, High Rank Poison.
Weaknesses: Ice, Water.
Signature move: Poison Pool.
Creator: YukiHaze

The Violet Rathalos is a  subspecies of Rathalos named after its color, it has augmented poison abilities. VioletRathalos


The coloration of this Rathalos is produced because of a mutated poison gland, the mutation causes the gland to fuse with other organs and consume color pigments, replacing them with poison drops, this mutation happens before the Rathalos hatches from its egg, a small percentage of them die due to not being able to stand the poison, surviving ones are usually the childs of a powerful Rathalos.

It should be noted that G-Rank ones have a darker tone, due to the poison being stronger, but both versions will become pink for some time after using movements that require major quantities of poison.


It retains most of the normal Rathalos moves, fireball attacks also gain the ability to poison.

Poison Pool: By compressing muscles and veins, it releases the poison on its outer body to the ground, forming pools of poison like the ones in the Swamp, this attack makes the monster become White due to consumption of the poison that gave it the violet color, but after 2-4 minutes it will re-fill again.

Tail Slam: Start Flying and does a frontflip as it comes to ground again.

Poison Breath: A purple breath attack that causes poisoning.

Poison Stream: Similar to a Plesioth's Water Jet, but with poison instead.

Leaking: Rage mode only, at certain intervals it will release poison from its body, not enough to cause big pools, so the small pools formed are easily dodgeable and disappear fast.

G-Rank only attacks:

Poison Relase: Releases poison creating a dense fog around itself.

Great Poison Breath: Larger and wider.

Dive: When fought in the Tower, it will fly to a high point and then drop face to target.

This monster does not currently have an Overdrive version.


Water Res: -15
Ice Res: -10
Fire Res: 20
Thunder Res: 10
Dragon Res: 5
Wind Res: 15
Skills: Attack Up L, Psych. Vision, Poison Negated, Paralysis Duration Tripled.

Its weapons combine fire element and poison ailment, and after upgrading to a certain point they're able to use High Rank  Poison.


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