The Verdant Forest is the first area introduced in Monster Hunter U. It features large forest areas and barren plains.


Verdant Forest Battle (Monster Hunter U)30:00

Verdant Forest Battle (Monster Hunter U)

Original-Large Arena Battle, MHP3rd - OST owned by Capcom

The Verdant Forest is a lush area with both a wide array of plants and wildlife. It has 9 Zones in total (not including the Base Camp):

Base Camp: A standard Base Camp with a Bed, two Guild Boxes and a BBQ Spit. The main exit leads to Zone 1, down two sets of stone-carved stairs. Towards the back by the Delivery Box is a small tunnel that leads to Zone 8. This exit is one-way.

Zone 1: A large Zone with little of interest, aside from multiple gathering spots. A small hill crests the right edge near the right exit, allowing for Jump Attacks. Bamboo can be seen along by the top of the Zone. The bottom exit leads to Zone 5 and the right exit leads to Zone 2.

Zone 2: A smaller Zone with few trees. A large ledge with a jump leads down to the top exit, while a cliff to the right leads to the left exit. A path leads back down to the bottom exit. The left exit leads to Zone 3, the bottom exit to Zone 1 and the top exit leads to Zone 6. The top exit is one-way.

Zone 3: A circular nest Zone bearing much resemblence to the Jaggi nest from the Deserted Isle area. This Zone is the introduction to the main "forest" part of the area. A large climbable rock leads upwards to the upper exit, while a clean path leads towards the top exit. A gap inbetween two cliffs leads back down to Zone 2.The top exit leads to Zone 4 while the upper exit leads to Zone 9.

Zone 4: A narrow forest path with strange glowing plants. The plants in this Zone glow blue in the day and red at night. Continuing along this path leads to the top exit, while the bottom exit lies at the opposite end. The bottom exit leads to Zone 3 and the top exit leads to Zone 5.

Zone 5: A rocky Zone that slopes down to the right. A large pool surrounded by bamboo is located at the right side. Small ledges lead down towards the right exit to Zone 6, while the bottom exit leads back down to Zone 4.

Area Descriptions to be finished soon :)


Low Rank:

Small Monsters:

Large Monsters:

High Rank:

Small Monsters:

Large Monsters:

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