Vengeful Warlaros
Nicknames: V. Warlaros, Savage Warlaros
Titles: Savage Warlord Wyvern
Other Info
Description: A dark mutation of the normal Warlaros with control over the Dragon and Thunder elements
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Deserted Island, Sandy Plains, Volcano
Other monsters in Relation: Warlaros, Deviljho
Elements: Dragon, Thunder
Ailments: Dragonblight, Thunderblight
Weaknesses: Ice on stomach
Signature move: Dragon/Thunder Wing Slash
Creator: Imrik37 (original monster by Cottonmouth255)
Vengeful Warlaros is a subspecies of Warlaros that first appears in Season 3 of Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate. It has the ability to use the Thunder and Dragon elements, but is known to lose control of them during rage.


"A powerful mutation of Warlaros that gained a loose control of two elements-one a yellow lightning, the other a deep crimson. Only confiirmed to exist recently after a trio of hunters stumbled opon one in a mountainous region besides a foreign village"

Vengeful Warlaros is a larger subspecies of its regular variant that mutated for reasons unknown to science. Most theorize that this particular mutation is caused by electrical surges through the blood and the central nervous system that eventually leads to its wings, where the element is released. Some specimens are shown to of reacted differently to this change and sport a dark crimson lightning that can spread quickly throughout its body.

When enraged, the lightning spews out of its wings and can be used for attacks. It can be shot out of its wings as bolts or in a spread wave simiar to Deviljho's breath attacks. The gas it usually secretes also uses this electrical power and causes Thunderblight (or Dragonblight). While this electrical takeover destroys parts of its vital systems, it also gives extreme immunity to heat and cold, and ailments, thus it cannot be inflicted with any ailments that hunters may try to use on it, as well as the notorious Frenzy Virus.

Armor Sets

Set: Warlaros Z-510 Base Defense

Thunder Leak
Critical Eye+2
Thunder Attack Up
Negate Paralysis
Recovery Down

Set: Warlaros J-625 Base Defense

Thunder Leak
Critical Eye+2
Dragon Attack Up
Negate Stamina
Evade Extender
Recovery Down
Demonic Protection


  • Its horn and face can be broken, both wings punctured and its tail severed and carved.
    • Breaking the wings does not stop it from using elemental attacks when enraged.
  • Since most of its blood and organs are filled with Thunder, it is immune to the effects of Shock Traps and Lightning Rods.
    • Pitfall Traps can be used as normal however.
  • When enraged, Thunder element takes over its wings, and its horn glows a subtle red.
    • There is a small chance that Vengeful Warlaros will use the Dragon element instead of Thunder.
  • Its Armor Set has a unique skill called "Thunder Leak" that consistently gives both Heat and Cold Res (Hi) and gives additional Thunder element when a large monster becomes enraged, Dragon element in a similar style to Latent Power and both Thunder and Dragon when very low on health.
  • It is one of the few monsters that can't be repelled with Dung Bombs, infected with the Frenzy Virus or causes Deviljho to flee.

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