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MHWikia Chatroom Emoticons Contest

Mckrongs September 15, 2011 User blog:Mckrongs

Hello hello! since the implementation of Custom Emoticons for the Chatroom, we would like for MHWikia's chatroom to have our very own original Emoticons!

Here's where the contest steps in! The winners of this contest would get their pixel work used as emoticons for the Wiki's Chatroom ! Here are the rules of the contest:

  • Participants of the contest must be Users of The Monster Hunter Wikia or The Monster Hunter Fanon Wikia.
  • The uploaded Emoticon can be any standard image file type, especially .png or .gif.
  • The submission must be related to the Monster Hunter series. If not, I'ma get it deleted lol.
  • I'm in favor of moving emoticons, but please do not make the animation too long.
  • Non-moving emoticons are also allowed.
  • The image must be 19 x 19px in size, or else it will not work in the chatroom.
  • Upload the image here in the Fanon Wiki, not in the Main Wiki. Submissions uploaded in the main Wiki are not counted here, and would probably be deleted.
  • There can be multiple winners, and submissions are unlimited.
  • When uploading the emoticons here, please add the prefix "Emoticon-<Username>-" to its filename.
    • Example: File:Emoticon-Mckrongs-Sadfais.png
  • After uploading your work, post your work here on this blog as a blog comment, and name which specific code it represents.
    • Example:
      • File:Emoticon-Mckrongs-Angry.gif represents >:(, >:-(, and >8(
      • File:Emoticon-Mckrongs-Barioth.png represents (Barioth) or (Bari)
  • Winners are announced in this Blog within 1-2 months, if there are enough submissions. They will be put here as well.
  • Important: Please do not steal works from other artists. I have a program that can detect origins of the images. Should you be discovered guilty of theft, your account may be blocked from the three wikis.

Questions can also be asked on this blog, and I will do my best to assist you of your needs. Have fun!

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