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August 28, 2012
  • I live in Skyloft
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Der Metzgermeister
  • I am ein Mädchen

About me

... details below? Lol.


I'm a fanfiction writer, occasional fan chartographer, and fan-monster designer. Most of my pride and joy lies in my writing and mapmaking; and thankfully, the writing part is handled by the pages of this wiki and I have a scanner to scan my arts, so luckily, all my content can be placed on this wiki! ^o^

Fan Fictions

I've written several fan fictions. Here's the list from youngest to oldest:

Fan Maps

  • coming soon

Fan Monsters


I'm also the creator of the Limestaen Race, a race of people distantly related to Wyverians. They live for many, many years, and they have a huge role in the history of Doragokuni. I also created their language, Wyvernian. That's all.

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Good day, or night, Wikia User. This is the "Personality" section of my userpage. If you're reading this, you're probably curious as to what kind of person I am--this curiosity is no doubt warranted at least in part by my status as an Administrator/Bureaucrat of this Wiki. Or, perhaps, there is simply a desire to know how exactly I am, a little history of myself. If you would rather skip this, there is a button to do so. Read on, if interested! ~I'm against most religion in general, because I find it incredibly hard to put faith in an omnipotent force capable of any action in the world. If there was such a being, then it is the most sadistic, horrifying thing that has ever held sway in the world... Though the world, I admit, does get "better" in ways every day, the world is a horrible, sad place, full of hate and devoid of love--or at least, devoid of those who show it. But I digress.I'm typically only as kind to you as you are to me: don't be totally rude or mean, and just obey our Policies in general, and we'll get along fine.As far as IRL relations go, I try to avoid them. I have about ten friends in the state of my residence, and I, unlike some, see their flaws, but accept them; and it is often their flaws which have drawn me to their friendship. Sometimes, I see people as bits of code: a very, very well-written device, designed to live and execute various functions at various times with the correct trigger and conditions. Oftentimes, I see the flaws of people; and usually, I will try to find a use for their flaws, and if that fails, I will try to find a use for their good qualities. Afterwards, however, I typically feel guilty, and that leads me to think of their life in a more moral way; I think of what they are, who they are, and where at life they could be. How old they are, and whether or not their life is going to end or go on for the better or for the worse.And I always note bad or hurt things about them; often, I try to fix them. Perhaps this is a bad thing... Perhaps not. Decide for yourself. Have a good day now.

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