Unknown Bird Wyvern
Nicknames: Unknown
Titles: Unknown
Other Info
Description: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Habitats: Unknown
Other monsters in Relation: Unknown
Elements: Unknown
Ailments: Unknown
Weaknesses: Unknown
Signature move: Unknown
Creator: Anon

The unknown bird wyvern is a savage species that almost no one has lived to tell the tale of. This creature is pure evil!


This bird wyvern has a sort of grey-ish color in males and a faint purple in females. In the mating season the colors are alot darker in females and the males are bright red colored. Some people belive it is called Hagatrian. Recent evidence shows that at least ten sacrafices are made for it in an unknown temple on an unknown island. The person who recorded this evidence was never to be seen ever. Similar to Qurupeco, It can summon any monster in the monster hunter universe. I's natural roar sounds like WEEYII...!


It is said to have long spikes at the tips of it's wings, a giant sharp beak, a flamethrowing triple peck, and a giant tail used to smash small bystanders.


Natural enemies are Yian kut ku and smaller bird wyverns

Predators are Yian garuga, Qurupeco, Raths, large wyverns, and Elder Dragons


It's prey are usually small wyverns, Aptonoth, Apceros, and other small monsters

Unusually, somtimes it's prey can be it's predators!


Almost anywhere in the world, Mostly areas where you cannot really see well, while it can see in thosse areas thanks to thermal vision.

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