Unknown (Turquoise Leviathan)
Unknown (Turquoise Leviathan) - by Ukanlos Sub
Nicknames:  ???
Titles: Barbarian Emperor of The Sky,Evil Overlord
Other Info
Description: A leviathan that loves to live in human made areas.It is known to use fire powers in aggressive and tricky ways
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Tower 1,Tower 2,Tower 3,,Tower Top,Town,Fortress,Interceptor's Base,Large Exploration Ship,Grassy Marsh
Other monsters in Relation: Lagiacrus,Ivory Lagiacrus,Abyssal Lagiacrus,Shanthien
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Fireblight,Severe Fireblight
Weaknesses: Dragon,Water
Signature move: Flame Laser,Fire Rain
Creator: Dark Magala
This unknown monster is similar to Lagiacrus the same way Zerureusu is similar to Rathalos.It normally inhabits the tower and utilize the Fire element. It is introduced in Monster Hunter Forward.


Unknown is a close relative to Lagiacrus that has adapted to complete life on land. It is Turquoise in color and it has black spikes,claws,and teeth. It is very large (Larger than the Abyssal Lagiacrus) and has legs slightly more adapted to land. Similar to Nargacuga it has evolved a beak like shape on its mouth. It has barbs on its tail that it can shoot at its enemies.It has an metallic skin that it fuses with the earth's magnetic field's power to fly and glide.


It is known to be far more aggressive than Lagiacrus to degree that it kills anything that invades its territory and it is known to be this aggressive to survive in with the strong inhabitants of the tower.Oddly it likes living in human made habitats since it is only seen living in the tower and it is known to invade towns and castles to claim them as its territory.Another reason why it is so aggressive is that it is forced to face equally powerful opponents in the high skies (the opponents are Garuba Daora and Shanthien.)


  • Its theme is Palikia's Onslaught Remix from Pokemon Mystery Dungeons.
    Unknown (Turquoise Leviathan) Theme03:38

    Unknown (Turquoise Leviathan) Theme

  • Its roar is louder and deeper than Lagiacrus.
  • It can use roars to buff its health,defense,attack like Qurupeco but however it can not call monsters.You still can counter its roar to use increase your health or to boost your defense or attack.
  • It has metallic skin.
  • It can dig in solid rock.
  • Its snout is longer than lagiacrus and similar to crocodiles.
  • It loves to eat Goruganosu and Aruganosu and you can carve their materials from this Unknown by carving its stomach.
  • It can shoot spikes in a similar way to Nargacuga.
  • Like Nargacuga,its tail spikes are not visible when not in rage mode but will be shown when in rage.(Although its eyes turn red while enraged they don't leave a trail of red lines making its rage slightly different from nargacuga.)
  • It can be encountered in the fortress,but however it will not attack the fortress but will attack the hunter instead leaving the areas when decent damage is dealt to it.It also can not travel to another area once it reaches the final area.
  • It can be repelled wherever it is fought.
  • It is a completely separate species from the other Lagiacrus although they share the same ancestor.
  • It uses earth's magnetic field to fly slithering in the sky (somehow like Shanthien) and it even sometimes reach heights only accessable by a handful of monsters.
  • It is a legendary monster that is said in legends to be the God of Skies.
  • It has a habit of wiping out everything in its territory.
  • It can create copies of itself from flames to confuse the hunter.(This copies can be destroyed by one attack)
  • Render belongs to Ukanlos Subspecies.
  • Its original habitat is the Grassy Marsh.

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