The Underground Temple is a new area introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate. It is a small, special area with only two zones and a Base Camp. Unlike most special areas, you will always start in the Base Camp, even if the Felyne Explorer Food Skill is active.


The Underground Temple has two small zones inside it, the first being a cave-like area, then the second being a large, temple structure with a giant statue in the centre. The only monsters fought here are Rukodiora and Rebidiora, both being exclusive to this area with that. Like the Tower, the final area has two gathering spots where Dragonbone Relics and Adamant Orbs can be found. On some occasions, a Secret Area may be unlocked when one of the monsters is weak and crashes through the cliffside, creating a small cave area. This area is not marked on the map though, and may lead to confusion between players when the monster has escaped.


  • The Secret Area will not appear every time.
    • The Secret area has three gathering spots, each with a higher chance of Elder Dragon Bones, Dragonbone Relics, and the exclusive Dragonbone SkullShell.

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