Ultramarine Marnotaris
Nicknames: U. Marnotaris
Titles: Ultramarine Thorn Neopteron
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of Marnotaris that lives in almost the same areas as the normal one. It resembles a giant flower and uses water for defense and attack. Eats its prey alive.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Forested areas like the Bamboo Forest
Other monsters in Relation: Marnotaris
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, Water defense down
Weaknesses: 25px
Signature move: Arm blow
Creator: Democide


It's bigger than its cousin, greenish ultramarine in color and instead of blades its forelegs have red thorns. It has blue appandages on the shoulders that resemble petals of a big flower.


Average: 1461,77 cm

Biggest measured size: 1800,12 cm


Ultramarine Marnotaris is found in the same places as the normal Marnotaris meaning areas like the Flooded Forest, the Primeval Forest, the Moor and the Bamboo Forest.


  • The weakness is wind.
  • In Rage Mode its eyes turn from light blue to yellow.
  • When exhausted its attacks get slower.
  • Ultramarine Marnotaris feeds of small monsters it can catch (mostly Neopterons) and eats them alive.
  • Unlike the normal Marnotaris it's slow but very powerful.
  • Its camouflage effect is as good as the Marnotaris' one.
  • The thorns on the arms secrete water with glands and inflict water damage. It can spit water, too and is able to release a water defense decreasing gas.
  • When it encounters a member of the other subspecies they ignore each other normally.
  • Unlike the normal Marnotaris it's not cannibalistic but more aggressive.
  • The mating partners often stay with each other some days. Within those days they're mating.
  • Breakable parts are an eye, the thorns on its foreleg and its mandibles.
    • The thorns can only be broken by a wind weapon


  1. Arm blow (water damage)
  2. Body slam
  3. Water spit
  4. Releasing gas
  5. Bite
  6. Pin attack (it tries to catch the target with its arms and eats it)


Chitin Armor (can be carved off every boss Neopteron), Compound Eye (a reward from every boss Neopteron, when broken), Ultramarine Marnotaris Leg (carved off the cut off leg), Ultramarine Marnotaris Thorn (only when broken), Ultramarine Marnotaris Mandible (when broken), Ultramarine Marnotaris Antenna

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