Name Description Reason of Creation
Blastedge The Blastedge is a two handed weapon; smaller and lighter than the Greatsword but larger and more powerful than the Switch Axe. One of its handles are located near the bottom of the blade, and the other near the top. Blastedges can use coatings to enhance their attacks, like a status effect phial for support, or an element coating to exploit the monster's weakness. It is also capable of delivering punishing explosions in the midst of its slashing attacks Inspired by the 1600's Pistol Swords, Michael Bay (like he would inspire anyone), and Renekton's blade from LoL.
Battle Gauntlet A huge, right - armed gauntlet that can be used for powerful punches and has the ability to stun monsters. An impact weapon like the Hammer, or Hunting Horn, it is capable of numerous, powerful charged attacks. Hunters are also incapable of running when the weapon is unsheathed. Despite being a very neat idea, CAPCOM never thought of it.
Burst Shield

A huge shield with the ability to store energy with a manoeuvre called the "Drain Guard". When the R button is held, the Burst Shield (in Shield mode), will perform a blocking stance. As the stance is being held, 3 phases will take place. The first phase being yellow (which lasts for 4 seconds), the second being blue (lasts for 2 seconds) and the third one red (lasts for 1 second). The stance cannot be held for more than 7 seconds. However, if an attack is blocked while in the stance, the "Energy Bar" will be filled. The bar has three sections - each section representing the amount of "Burst Bombs" loaded in the weapon. Filling the first section of the bar grants 3 Burst Bombs, the second section grants 5, and the third grants 8 bombs (The bombs cannot stack). The hunter can choose to load the Burst Bombs that are going to be used in "Cannon Mode" by holding R and pressing A, as long as the energy bar is filled. When the Burst Bombs are loaded, the Shield can transform into "Cannon Mode". In Cannon Mode, the hunters will become stationary, unable to dodge attacks. However, they can fire the Burst Bombs for great damage.

I wanted to make a weapon that is easy to learn to use but hard to master. The hunters must utilize the Burst Shield's transformation combos and focus on filling the energy bar to unlock the weapon's full potential.
Razorwhip The Razorwhip is a new weapon introduced in Monster Hunter Z Ultimate Frontier. It is a semi - ranged, and melee weapon like the Burst Shield. Imagine Xena's Chakram (the Razor), with a very thick chain wrapped around its circumference. This chain is attached to a special sheathe (which also sheathes the Razor) on the hunter's back. The hunter uses the weapon like a giant yo - yo, using the chain to swing the Razor at their target from a considerable distance away, though this distance is determined by the weapon's Chain Length. Chain Length is a stat possessed only by Razorwhip weapons, it is measured by metres. The minimum length of Chain in any Razorwhip weapon is 5 metres, and the maximum is 25. It is also capable of charged attacks. Hunters can use various infinite combos and charge attacks that cause multiple hits to the target. I wanted to create a weapon that causes hunters to always be on the move, since most of the monsters in this fan game of mine are very quick.

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