The snow danced on the ice as the young hunter readied her blades. She saw the white mountain just beyond the rocks and began to sip from the lake. She knew the time was right she launched herself from the brush causing her swords to nimbly dance along the creature. It's gaze met hers and the two's final battle began.

The lava boiled over the sky cracked as the young hunter waited for his prey. It beckoned to him to return to the abyss. It knew it was time to settle the score for it's brethren. It roared in anger as his blade tall. Their eyes met and both knew he'd return for another battle.

Chapter 1

The two hunters entered the building as their felynes wheeled there rewards forward. All the while the room lit up from the early morning hours.

"Hello Sheri!" Said the woman from behind the desk. "Did you finish the contract in full?" She raised her arm and pulled out her stamp. Sheri put the stone on the table. The woman smiled and proceeded to pay her.

"Hello Dank!" Sparked the other woman. "How's the day been? Productive I hope!" He smiled with a yawn and stretch "Well I'm here and that's better than the alternative." She laughed and paid him as well.

"You certainly live up to your name." Sheri grumpily retorted.

"What that I'm happy or just better than you?" Dank sneered back.

Sheri pulled out her weapons as did Dank. The two stood with weapons drawn looking for an opening. Dank put his weapon on the table in the middle. Sheri did the same while staring at him.

"You seem tense Dank. Perhaps I kick your ass today." She snickered as she removed her armor. Revealing her curvy figure. The Guild women shielded their eyes as the greeter then piped in.

"Please this is a non-sexual place no stripping or sexual acts." As she finished Sheri punched Dank in the stomach. Flinching and grabbing his stomach the small Felyne came to his masters aid. "Get back please, nya!" He meowed as he raised his paws. She didn't care what it said she punted the cat a few feet forward.

The room grew silent as she grabbed her blades. Her arms thrusting the swords towards his head and then she fell. Three hunters now raised their blades towards her vital spots.

"You have been banned from the Pokke Town Guild. All other towns will be notified of your actions and you will be brought into custody." Announced one of the hunters. Sheri now tears in her eyes, rage building trashed "I don't care he dies! I have been through enough and now he'll pay."

Then a faint voice whispered "Mom?"

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