Nicknames: Tura, Glos, Tury
Titles: Crash of Fire, Thundering Earthquake Dragon
Other Info
Description: A Flying Wyvern related to Akantor.
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Firehead Crater
Other monsters in Relation: Akantor
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Fireblight
Weaknesses: Water on head
Signature move: Fire Charge, Fire Apex
Creator: Imrik37
Turaglos is a Flying Wyvern which bears a massive resemblence to Akantor, and is often mistaken for one. It is the final offline boss for Monster Hunter U.


"A ginormous Flying Wyvern that resides in the center of a nearby volcano. It has been sighted using wide-ranged fire breath attacks. One is being tracked by the Guild to use as a challenge to experienced hunters, and they keep highly detailed tabs on its movements and abilities."

"A ginormous Flying Wyvern that resides in the center of a nearby volcano. It has been sighted using wide-ranged fire breath attacks. The Guild had prepared one for a challenge to an experienced hunter, and was terminated at their request. A new one is currently being tracked for the same reasons."

Turaglos is a huge monster, larger than the Akantor that roam the same area. It has a simlar coloration, but instead it has the minor difference of crimson armour and no tusks. It has a very small set of wings on its forearms, which are unusable as a method of flight, but can launch lethal razor-sharp spines that can be set on fire when the beast is enraged. It owns a powerful breath attack that covers a huge area infront of it, and a charge that causes pillars of fire to erupt from the ground.

Armor Sets

Set: Turaglos S-Base Defense 250

Razor Sharp
Fire Attack+2
Attack Up(L)
Defense Down(M)
Recovery Down
Water Res Down(L)


  • Turaglos is the only monster to have 2 in-game Descriptions. The first is given to you by the Guild Convoy after the 4 Star Urgent, then is updated by from the same Convoy Messenger after its defeat in the 5 Star Urgent.
  • Its both wings can be broken, its face scarred twice and it tail severed and carved twice.
    • Breaking the wings will stop it from setting the spines it throws alight.
  • Turaglos does not have an Armor Set in Low Rank due to the fact that the Guild Convoy requires the monster's corpse for research, but after finding more of the creatures, they allow the hunter to make a set in High Rank.
    • It the Guild Convoy does allow you to make weapons however.
  • Turaglos weapons are regarded as some of the best weapons in the game with high Fire Element, raw damage and Sharpness. This combined with the Turaglos Armor Set can lead to very high damage output.

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