Nicknames: x
Titles: x
Other Info
Description: x
Species: x
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: water, then fire
Signature move: x
Creator: Democide


It looks like a bigger version of a Tunda but has more spikes at the end of the tail. It has a horn that stores some electricity. Its wings can produce wind as strong as dragon wind. Its massive weight makes it immune to any kind of wind but though it can fly what is very mystical. It mostly attacks with different thunder attacks and with iron plates it can throw. In Rage Mode it has a thunder breath and his wings shine brightly. Strangely it cannot fly when its tail is severed. The weakness is water, then fire. It feeds of Lagacite Ore in the Thunderstorm Valley. It's the adult form of the Tunda. It is the female form of the Tundacos.


It lives in Orcan Plains and the Thunderstorm Valley where it also broods.


Possible attacks:

  • Biting
  • Thunder beam from its horn
  • Thunder breath
  • Hip check
  • Horn attack (thunder)
  • Throwing iron plates
  • Tail whip
  • Producing dragon wind (in air)

Breakable parts:

are the jaws (twice), the horn, the wings and the tail. The tail must be broken to get severed and it cannot fly anymore.


Tundapian Horn (when broken), Tundapian Jaw (only when broken twice), Tundapian Fang (when broken), Tundapian Wing (when broken), Bright Yellow Tail (only when broken or/and carved from tail), Tundapian Scale, Tundapian Shell, Bright Yellow Horn (only when broken, very rare!), Tundapian Spike

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