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Creator: Democide


Unlike its female form it is metallic green but the tail is still yellow. Its coloration suggests that it feeds of Dragonite Ore or something similar. That gives him the ability to use dragon element as well. Its bigger than its female counterpart. The male are mostly solitary but in mating season while females are often found in nearness of at least one other male. Like the female it can use thunder element and throws iron plates but it can also use dragon element. It cannot fly when the tail is severed so it evolved strong legs made for running fast. The weakness is water, then fire. It eats at least a small amount of Lagacite Ore in the Thunderstorm Valley but mainly feeds of Dragonite Ore. It is the adult form of the Tunda. It is the male form of the Tundapian.


It lives in the Volcano, the Lava Landscape and the Thunderstorm Valley.


Possible attacks:

  • Biting
  • Thunder beam from its horn
  • Thunder breath
  • Hip check
  • Horn attack (thunder)
  • Throwing iron plates
  • Tail whip
  • Producing dragon wind (in air)
  • Dragon beam
  • Dragon breath

Breakable parts:

It has the same breakable parts like the female.


Tundacos Horn (when broken), Tundacos Jaw (only when broken twice), Tundacos Fang (when broken), Tundacos Wing (when broken), Bright Yellow Tail (only when broken or/and carved from tail), Tundacos Scale, Tundacos Shell, Bright Green Horn (only when broken, very rare!), Tundacos Spike

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