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Tsunally are young male and female members of the Tsunally family, a Bird Wyvern species. At this stage of their lives, Tsunally are a sandy yellow with moss green foreclaws, back-stripe, head fins and toe webbing. Their bodies are covered in a special oily secretion that helps them swim faster underwater, they also have large amounts of this slathered on the underside of their feet so they can stay on top of water.

A Tsunally's tail is flatter so it helps them propel themselves through the water and is also used as a rudder. Their colouring helps them blend into the bed of any body of water and their green back-stripe appears to be algae to predators. Tsunally always stay together in packs when hunting fish above water and underwater, when underwater they hunt large schools of fish by swimming around and forcing them to shape themselves into tight spheres like how most large predators do, then they torpedo through them and snatch any fish that can't get out of the way.

Hunters try to avoid Tsunally when underwater because of their speed, stealth and agility when in water. Tsunally are very playful and sly as they love performing acrobatics when submerged and they use their moves to escape larger monsters and to confuse prey.

Some people say that Tsunally and its family are either descended from Piscine Wyverns or are a link between them.

Unlike other dromeasaur-based Bird Wyverns, Myrially, Tsunally and Radially packs are lead by a male and female.




  • Bite
  • Water Stream
  • Underwater Lunge


Common - Tsunally Claw, Tsunally Scale, Tsunally Hide, Bird Wyvern Fang

Uncommon - Tsunally Fin, Oil Extract

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