Nicknames: Platty
Titles: Unknown
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Unknown
Other monsters in Relation: Vlatsaroth, Tsepetosh
Elements: None
Ailments: Life Drain
Weaknesses: Unknown
Signature move: Sneak Drop
Creator: DuelingArtist777

Tseplat are a species of Flying Wyvern and the offspring of Vlatsaroth and Tsepetosh. They are a bat-like wyvern species. Tseplats are mainly very light grey in colour and have white fur on their heads, backs and tail and on the webbings of their wings. Tseplats normally stay within caves near their mother and spend most of their time scaling rocky walls and ceilings and practice using echolocation to find their way through the darkness. Tesplat a fairly small in size, normally coming up to a hunter's knee. They are able to drink almost their entire body weight in blood in one sitting, however due to this they become slower at escaping as their meal slows them down a bit

Like baby Raths, Tseplats all having the same colouration makes it difficult to determine what the sexes are until they reach adolescents where their appropriate colourings start to show.

When weak, Tseplat will try to escape by scaling caves walls up to the ceiling and into another area where their mother is.


Life Drain


  • Bite
  • Sneak Drop (Signature Move)


Common - Soft Locks, Small Claw, Youngling Fang

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