Nicknames: Trak
Titles: Armored Decomposer
Other Info
Description: A Carapaceon that feeds of carrion and dead plants. Trakor is known to attack with lava splashes, storing the lava in its lava sacs. The antenna hide is used for intimidation.
Species: Carapceon
Habitats: Volcanic environments like the Lava Landscape
Other monsters in Relation: -
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, StatusEffect-Stun-MH3U Icon 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Lava splashes
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It is similar to a woodlouse. The carapace is hard enough to stand many attacks. Trakor's stiped black-orange coloration gives it camouflage. The soft underside is brown and the 14 legs are red. The bright yellow uropods (appendages of males on the abdomen) are long and can inject a fluid that inflicts stun. Trakor possesses two long antennas which are normally put together but when a danger approaches it can open them to reveal a colored skin with eyes on them, imitating a much bigger opponent used for intimidation.


Average: 1007,28 cm

Biggest size measured: 1315,94 cm


Trakor inhabits hot environments in nearness of lava sources like the Volcano and the Lava Landscape.


  • The weakness is wind, then ice.
  • In Rage Mode the black parts of the shell turn to crimson red and it opens its antenna hide.
  • When exhausted it falls over with roll attacks and needs some time to stand up again.
  • With its legs it can go very fast and can start dangerous charge attacks.
  • As Decomposer Trakor feeds of dead monsters or plants.
  • It drinks lava so that it can attack with lava splashes.
  • Uropods are only found at male individuals so two gender-specific variants are distinguished.
    • Only the males can inflict stun by injecting a fluid with their uropods. This fluid is meant to make females submissive.
  • There are different color morphs (phenotypes) of the antenna hide. These either are non-specific depictions having only big eyes and intimidating coloration, but also can be similar to one of the top predators of the area the Trakor lives in. There are populations with a Brachydios-like face coloration, Agnaktor-like or Tigrex Subspecies-like colorations.
    • It's conspicuous that those who have a Brachydios morph live in areas where are few Brachydios. This is probably the reason why they survived as they could pick a fight with another Brachydios when it sees its supposed "rival".
    • They will use this kind of intimidation primarily. When a predator approaches nontheless Trakors will roll up into a ball.
    • Antenna Hide with rare color morphs can be sold at a very high price.
  • They live in families of 3-5 adult animals and their youngs.
    • Their territory is very small and only covers the nearest surroundings of the nest but they protect it to the last.
  • Trakors are prey to many monsters like Agnaktor, Brachydios and Tigrex Subspecies.
  • They are precision shooters always aiming for the eyes of an enemy leaving hit hunters and monsters alike blinded.
  • Breakable parts are the antennas, the mandibles and the shell (twice).


  1. Roll
  2. Bite
  3. Lava ball
  4. Lava splashes (dark)
  5. Roll up (for defense)
  6. Charge attacks
  7. Inject fluid (only male variant)
  8. Body check


Trakor Shell, Trakor Armor (only when broken twice), Trakor Antenna (when broken), Antenna Hide (only when broken), Trakor Mandibles (when broken), Trakor Leg, Lava Sac

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