Nicknames: Toads, froggers
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Other Info
Description: A frog that can't hop? don't let their lazy look fool you they can put a fight if cornerd
Species: Amphibian
Habitats: scatterd islands
Other monsters in Relation: None
Elements: Water
Ailments: soil
Weaknesses: ice, thunder, fire, dragon
Signature move: mucus spit
Creator: Nrex117


A omnivorous land amphibian that despite being related to frogs cant hop. They move around as solitary creatures eating neopteron's, small carapaceons, fungi, coconuts, berrys, and plants and will defend them selves with a sticky smelly mucas the spit out and a hit by there powerful tounge.


They are the main source of meat on the scatterd islands and only come togeather to mate and lay there soft eggs in the sea where their tadpoles hatch and live in the reefs


being native to the scatterd islands there only predators they have to deal with are sharq, hammer head sharq, ludroths, sea romobra, and the islands unmatched top predator Garu Raptora.


They are prized for there meat and eggs. There skin is soft and bumpy and doesn't sell for much but is good for making straps


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