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Other Info
Description: Small tick like monsters that feed on blood more of an annoyance than an actual threat.
Species: chelicerata
Habitats: Scattered islands, invasive species in area like misty peaks,great forest,forest & hills,old jungle,jungle,the great chasm,and deserted islands.
Other monsters in Relation: none
Elements: none
Ailments: Sleep status
Weaknesses: Thunder, Fire
Signature move: None
Creator: Nrex117


Small tick like chelicerata monsters that live parasitic lifestyles. Originaly only native to the scattered islands but are infesting area like the great forest, forest & hills, jungle, flooded forests, and the deserted islands it is unknown how they got to these area but they may have been parasitic hitchhickers on large migratory monsters like Garu Raptora.


They are around the size of gigis but can get larger.

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