Thunder Ceadeus
Thunder ceadeus
Nicknames: Yellow ceadeus.
Titles: The thunder beard
Other Info
Description: Look below
Species: Elder Dragon
Habitats: Underwater ruins
Other monsters in Relation: Ceadeus, Goldbeard Ceadeus
Elements: Thunder
Ailments: Thunderblight
Weaknesses: Dragon, Fire
Signature move: Thunder horn discharge
Creator: MC27

The Thunder Ceadeus is a species of Ceadeus that controls thunder, true to its name.

This creature has right the opposite of the weaknesses of its cousin the Common Ceadeus and it has longer horns. The eyes are not obscured, however; instead, they are somewhat lower on the face.

This Elder Dragon uses its horns to channel electricity into the water and kill its prey. Its large luminescent organs are able to submit electricity into the water. This Ceadeus is supposedly the emperor of all underwater elder dragons. In fact, its title is "Thundering Emperor"!

Thunder Ceadeus Icon

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