Soon after the Treasure Hunt, Icil and Deus had agreed to take down a Ryunouksas that was attacking the Town. After all, it was one of the quests required to their next rank. Unlike the previous Ryu quests, this Ryunouksas was a G-rank. It was much harder to kill than a normal individual of its species, but it wasn't invincible. Deus nor Icil had faced a G-rank Ryu before, but it was worth a shot.

"You sure about this, Icil? Ryunouksas means trouble, regardless of its power." Deus warned. Rin followed with a nod. He started to make gestures as if to tell Icil to say "no," but this was unsuccessful. Icil had already nodded in agreement.

"Let's go. This Ryunouksas won't stop itself from attacking the innocent." Icil said as she walked out of the hall. Deus followed, and Rin just shrugged and went after them.


The townspeople screamed as the large Ryunouksas roared into the air, pinning one of them down and easily crushing their bones with its jaws. The guards fired arrows at the beast and jabbed at it with their halberds, but it proved to do absolutely nothing. The Brute Wyvern sweeped its tail across the ground, wiping at least 6 of them out. It roared. Icil and Deus stepped towards it as the people around them fled in terror.


The rampaging Ryunouksas

The Ryunouksas looked at them and growled. The green part of its crest flashed for a few seconds. The beast spat a glob of acid at the two, which hit a building. The sound of sizzling filled the air as the acid burned through the supports of the small market building. The structure collapsed into a pile of fruit, wood, and bricks. The Brute Wyvern charged with its trapezoid-shaped crest down, which could cut an unarmored person in two.

To be continued

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