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Considering he is a character that could appear in multiple fanfics as a "Traveler", might as well get some details down so people know what they are working with. :P *Forgive me if this is a little shoddy, There is a first time for everything after all, gonna fix this up as time goes.

Some basic facts.

Taur comes from an island unexplored by mankind off the coast from moga village, even though hermitaurs don't generally come from that region. Unlike most hermitaurs he is quite mature *cough* and is certainly not an infant, despite of what is usually the case with others of his kind. In, fact there appears to be more to this crab then what meets the eye... *No spoilers for you lot. >:3* 

Age: Unknown, between 15 and 22.

Looks: Devilishly handsome Slightly larger than the average hermitaur, displays a colour scheme oddly reminiscant of a Terra Shogun Ceanataur.

Traits: Suicidally Fearless: Will not hesitate to charge a monster far larger than himself. Uncanny strength and agility: Displays Impressive strength and speed for one of his kind, surprising many an unwary monster looking for an easy snack. Incredibly persistant and strong willied: Refuses to lose, often many a time getting back up again after how badly he gets thrashed which on some occasions has almost led to his death. Stubborn: Whats to say?

Personality Traits: Smartass, Joker, Sarcastic, Kind hearted, Friendly, Loyal, fearless, Badass, Occasionly Clumsy, Fails to see the dark side of things/Optimistic, Restless, helpful.

Taurus Punch!

Signature move, Punches with incredible force which can take down even a rathalos, and sometimes even a deviljho depending on how much energy he spends on the attack.

(More coming soon)

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