They thought he could never take on five hunters at once, no matter how strong he was. But they were wrong. He easily dodged Shinji's and Jinsoku's arrows, debuffed Mizu's Long Sowrd and whacked Gale with his huge forearm, sending her sliding across the roof floor. Rakurai, however, got the hit. The White Star shrieked and writhed as electircity coursed through him. The group quickly took theis chance to strike. Shinji fired several flame-tipped arrows into his thick abdominal hide, Mizu made several gahses on the dragon's left arm, and Gale slahed unceasingly at the Wyrm with her rapier, causing it to howl hatefully as she gouged it's left eye. It roared again as Rakurai's huge Great Sword slammed down upon its tail, severing the glowing tip. Then he made a strange, almost insane, distorted noise that could be heard for miles and miles, as Jinsoku's poison-coated arrow embedded itself in the already cracked (when Rakurai hit it at Hyoku) ovular ruby on his chest, sending cracks shooting out in all directions like viens on a leaf, bright red energy flashing from within. He lifted himself off of the ground quickly, throwing the irritating worms away from it. He craned his neck and thrust his head forward, roaring with pain, outrage and pure hatred. It lumbered its way toward them, panting angrily.

Gale readied her sword. As the gargantuan beast stumbled at her, she somersaulted high over its head, slashing it's spine with her sword as she did so, finishing by lading on her feet behind him. He growled throatily, and turned slowly to face her. He faded in silvery mist. When the mist cleared, he had returned to his human form, the man with milky white irises, pale, white-blond hair, and black and white robes (which were now torn and frayed to show he had been injured in his true form) and the crimson sword. He raised his arms to his sides, and chuckled slyly. The hunters were suddenly surrounded by at least ten clones of the White Star. They raised their weapons defensively. "Face me yourself, girl." The real Wyrm whispered. SHe jumped and grabbed hold of him, sending them flying off of the edge of the castle. They pair were suddenly consumed by white mist, and the mist, containing the pair, travelled far across the city, crashing through monsters, civilians and buildings alike, before the mist dissipated and the pair stood on oppisite edges of the tall, narrow bell tower. They stared at each other briefly before locking swords, stabbing and blocking quickly, carefully meandering about the edges of the tower- one false step and one would fall to their death.

After Gale and the White Star had both received many cuts and sratches, he finally spoke while they continued to fight. "Why do you protect these worms? Surely you must have conviction. They cannot even protect themselves! Why do you babysit them so?" He sneered. Gale glowered at him apathetically. He huffed. "No matter. They will all be dead soon enough." Gale slashed aggressively at his sword, nearly knocking him of the edge. He stared in awe. Gale had finally found out where the ruby was in his human form. It was no longer on the outside...becaude it was his heart. She blinked slowly, body imapssive. "They might die..." She muttered. Then, she leapt across and grabbed hold of the abhorrent creature before her. "But not before YOU are!" She yelled, and jumped off the edge, the pair turning into white mist once more.

"These things just dont stop!" Jinsoku yelled, watching the clone he had shot in the heart dissipate into mist, only to reform once again, a neverending entity. The four hunters were quikly tiring off the constant battle, and the clones showed no sign of relenting. Mizu slashed yet another clone, only to watch it reform. Rakurai jumped angrily into the sky, and came crashing down, sending ripples of thunder through all the clones at once. The all turned to mist... only to reform as one huge clone of they White Star in dragon from. He growled angrily. "This is impossible! They won't die! The only way to destroy them must be to kill the original!" He yelled. The clone smashed into them in quick succession, watching them fall the their knees, completely exhausted. As the Wyrm clone prepared to finish them all off, the familiar stream of white mist cxame toward the castle, dissipating as Gale and the White Star landed back on the castle roof, still locked in combat. the Wyrm was severely injured however, and had little strength left to block Gale's heavy and aggressive blows. She held her sworrd with both hands raising it high above her head and smashing repeatedly against his crimson blade. With a prideless and angry sigh, she finally smashed through his sword, breaking it in two, and throwing him to the ground before her with the recoil. He quickly pulled a short sword from his robes in an attempt to protect himself, rising quickly, but it was no use. She qucikly disarmed him, and thrust her sword into his heart, smashing the ruby within. his eyes went wide and static, the lost souls of the dead flowing out from within his chest. She pulled her blade out, crimson staining the metal. The defeated Wyrm slumped to the floor, barely breathing. The huge clone dissapeared. The Divine Maelstrom was still closing in on the city, however. But the White Star had already lost. Humanity was victorious. With the souls in the ruby gone, the White Star could no longer survive the Maelstrom. It would still happen, though. But the Wyrm would die soon, and it would dissipate as the great wind Wyrm foretold.

Spatters of blood surrounded the White Star. As the hunters turned and walked away, thinking him dead, he slowly and quietly rose, and stumbled ever so silently toward Gale. Rakurai turned to see him heading for Gale, knife in hand. "LOOK OUT!" he shouted, and quicky jumped into the path of his knife, which embedded itself into his stomach instead. A look of scock crossed the White Star's face. The group were struck in awe. "You BASTARD!" Gale yelled at the despicable creature, slicing him once more with her rapier. He cried out emotionlessly, falling to the ground, dropping the knife. Rakurai fell to the ground as well, panting softly. The others stared at Gale, who slowly approached the Wyrm, who was inching ever so slowly toward the bloody knife. He saw her coming and tried to move faster, but his strength was sapped, and it was too late. Still crawling forward pathetically, he panted heavily. "I...cannot...die!" He spat with vehemence. Gale stood before him, and plunged her sword into him once more. "True. But you won't live forever." She said emotionlessly, and pulled the blade out of his abdomen.

At last, the foul creature breathed his last, and faded from this world in shrouds of black mist.

To Be Concluded in: The White Star Chronicles XVI: Epilogue-Death Throes of a Hero

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