The White Star (sequel)

Yaketsukuyona, The White Star, ice Wyrm

Ceadeuslayer27: First question: What inspired you to write The White Star Chronicles (TWSC)?

  • UkantorEX: Monster Hunter, of course!
  • UkantorEX: And Final Fantasy, a bit.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Hmm, alright.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Why did you write it, though?
  • UkantorEX: Because writing stories is what I do best, and where better to do it tan on a Fanon Wiki about a game I love? <3
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Ah, good answer.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Second question: Where do the character inspirations come from?
  • UkantorEX: Many of the character found their roots in Final Fantsay and BlazBlue. Elements of Sephiroth in the White Star, alot of Jecht in Gigas, and Kazir, Makoto and Nina literall ALMOST ARE Terumi, Litchi and Rachel (respectively). Some other tidbits are from games or animes like Gods Eater, VANQUISH, etc.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Ahh.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Now, third question: What did Monster Hunter inspire with TWSC?
  • UkantorEX: The time period, the monsters and the attire-armour, weapons, etc. MH came in real handy here-it'd be a pian to envision all these different armour stes and weapons if i didn't have predesigned attire to wrok with.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Ahh, that's actually fairly obvious.
  • UkantorEX: Of course.
  • UkantorEX: An easy question gets and obvious answer.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: So.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Next question.
  • 'U'kantorEX: I was about to ask
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Did you ever have any doubts about TWSC?
  • UkantorEX: At one point I did have a concern- not about TWSC, but about my own, original (not fanon) story: I thought that if I fathered this story the way I had my own original story, I would begin to let that orginal story rot and I would for get about it-my worst fear in this life. But, that proved impossible, I am.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Ahh....
  • Ceadeuslayer27: That's good.
  • UkantorEX: Naturally. This series is my only other storyline other than that original one. The original is more importanat than anything else. EVEN this.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Ok.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Next question.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: What was the most awkward thing to write about?
  • UkantorEX: Ah.. a good question...
  • UkantorEX: Probably the sex scene(s).
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Ha ha, I figured.
  • UkantorEX: It's hard to write without taking the edge off with a little innuendo or humour.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Last question:
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Are there any parts that just flowed like a river, no real thinking to it?
  • UkantorEX: Easy.
  • UkantorEX: All of it flowed like a river.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Ha ha.
  • Ceadeuslayer27: Yeah..............wish I could say the same for MKM!
  • UkantorEX: I made this entire story up as I went along, with the exception of some predetermined parts I think up whem I'm in my mind, or bored.
  • UkantorEX: 98% freestyle!
  • UkantorEX:
  • Ceadeuslayer27: That is an interview with the author and creator of The White Star Chronicles!
  • This was an interview with UkantorEX, author of TWSC.

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