Continent/s: Arnin-Hol

Country/Countries: Passpall

State/s: Sumpf


The Sumpf (ger., "swamp") is a large swampland no state dares to call its own. Reasons for this are on one side the legends which are spread about this place, on the other side the real dangers and the historical rituals that took place here. That's why the Sumpf is its own "state" in the country of Passpall. While this isn't owned by anyone it still gets used as hunting ground and is mined, mostly by hunters. Only experienced hunters are allowed to hunt here.



No one ever claimed possession of this state, so there were no political happenings. Though there are legends that there was one man that was owner of the Sumpf. (see Legend I)

Culture and Religion

There are a few native tribes that live here. But as their legends stipulates they would never call it "their" land". It's also a hunting ground where hunters slay monsters that live only in the Sumpf under strict laws to protect those creatures from extinction. Also rare orest get mined in this swamp.

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