"Shit, there is no time to fight her, I must escape.."

The Queen of The Land landing near where I'm standing. He believe my broken armor can't hold her attacks now, He must run, saving my life.


Landing Rathian, then it looked at Peter.

Unbelieveable, it looked at him at start to strike him. The Rathi start blasting her fireballs. "Arhh.....," Peter do a panic dive and it saved his life.

"No, is still to far from my camp, how can I survive now ?"

Then, the Rathi ready to shoot her fireballs again, but an arrow come from the higher ground, hitted the Rathi. Then, come hunters with Great Sword, Long Sword users holding a Sword and Shield, and Hammer controller holding a Hunting Horn. They start to attack Rathi, one cut her tail, break her wingclaws, or break her head crown. Then, Peter realize that there was a Bow users holding a Light Bowgun.

"Hey, this breeding season will atract some Rathi here, boy," said the GS user when the Rathi start escaping.

"I am not a boy, I can kill her if my armor are not broken now," Peter replied.

"Luckily, we come, if not maybe you already roasted," said the Hammer user.

Then, the bowman come, joining his group. There was a symbol on the GS user's left hand, something that maybe Peter know what it is.

Seal Hunter

Symbol of sealed hunter. The Forbidden Hunters is their nicknames. From Monster Hunter Orage.

"Who are you all, man ?", Peter asked.

"Oh, maybe this seal make curiosity, right, hah ?", the GS user replied.

"There, the fat one name was Goru Goru, that ninja-like men name is Imitsu, that bowman is Juan, my assistant,"  the GS user continue his words.

"And you are ?", "I'm Lobo, the seal hunter," said Lobo.

"I knew it and I think I musn't leave this chance,"

"And what chance is it ?" ask Goru, "My name's Peter and wish to join your seal hunter team as a Dual Sword user," said Peter, standing in his kneel.

"Look, a new member, he will help us in our journey Lo," said Juan.

"And what is your answer boss ?" ask Goru.

"NO", "What ?", Goru surprised. Peter also surprised to with Lobo's answer, a word that he wish never said when this chance coming.

"No, before he start fixing his armor," Lobo continue.

"Nice joke, boss," said Goru. "But, I think that wasn't funny to him Lo," said the bowman.

"Yeah, bad joke," Peter standing.

And that is the beginning of this story, the journey of Peter following Lobo's hunter team.

What monsters that waiting in they're journey?

Next Fanfic:The End of The Day Chapter 3...

(Sorry for grammar and spelling, I'am Indonesian. Maybe you could help me in editing my fanfic...)

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