The Fortress of the Ancients sat menacingly in front of them. Its facade stretched nearly fifty feet from one corner to the next, and it seemed to be a piece of the earth's flesh, standing tall on the roots of the mountains. The comparatively small entrance glared down at them in shadow. "Let's go," I said, nodding towards Nina and focusing my energy on the complex.

Nina nodded and walked towards it. We started to jog, and then ran, eager to end our adventure in as little time as possible. We walked inside the darkness and a stone door mysteriously closed behind us. Our similarly determined looks reassured us and we continued forth.

From the darkness suddenly came light. Torches on either side of the exceptionally large room suddenly burst forth in flame, lighting up the chamber and awakening the beast that lay inside. A Bracchydios stirred in the dusk-like air, coming to life with a red glare in its eyes and a slight red tinge to all the slime on its body.

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