The Blood Dragons are a Faction of Monsters that originate from an alien dimension, But can infect this world's monsters through the Blood Dragon Virus, an alien virus that connects the host to the Blood Dragon Horde. They Come in many shapes and sizes and are led by the Blood Gore Magala.


The Blood Dragons come in many shapes and sizes, but can infect this world's monsters with the Blood Dragon Virus to increase their variety of troops. They are seperated into different Groups.


Rarely ever seen, These individuals are born pure Blood Dragon, and include the Alien elder dragon Blood Gore Magala (as he is the proginetor of the virus.)


Basically monsters of this world that get infected by the Blood Dragon Virus. Just about any monster, except elder dragons, can be infected by the virus, and thus, the Infected are more common.

Species/ individuals known

Story appearances

Canon Appearances

  • Monster Hunter Hurricurse Prime 2: Echoes (planned)

Non Canon Appearances

  • Monster Hunter EX: A new era (Mentioned)

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