Monster Hunter: Adventures of Goji, is a Fan fic series based on MH3U, MH4 and beyond. This is a Direct sequel to the MH Legacy series, so be sure to expect references to that series

Monsters planned to appear

Black dire miralis x1, Deviljho x3, Wilolu, Arzuros, Wroggi, Great wroggi x1, Gendrome, Genprey, Yian kut ku, Garara Ajara, Silver Rathalos, Dark Tigrex, Midogaron x1, Abiorugu, Tigrex, Qurupeco, Nargacuga, zinogre, barioth, Nerusukyura, Tetsukabura, more coming soon...

Book 1: The Journey begins


  • Goji- the son of Hurricurse and Kisisa. He becomes a hunter to continue his parents' legacy
  • Miki- close friend of Goji. Perhaps more than a friend
  • Furo- A Wroggi, and a friend of Goji
  • Hurricurse- The Hero of Revalius. No one seems to know what happened to him after Nigrum Cor attacked Central City
  • Nigrum Cor- the black dire miralis. Legends hold that only a shapeshifter will be able to slay him. 
  • Fearah- A female deviljho, and one of Nigrum Cor's Minions. She tends to be the brains of the Deviljho pack.
  • Savage- A Deviljho, and one of Nigrum Cor's Minions. He likes to complain when things don't go as planned.
  • Tim- A Deviljho, and one of Nigrum Cor's minions. He is not very bright, and likes to laugh at everything, even at things that are not funny.
  • Blazer - a Midogaron who lives at scorched volcano. he seems violent and unsociable, but deep down, he is rather lonely...
  • Crushmouth- a Tetsukabura who lives in the drenched jungle. He may seem intimidating, but he is the kindest critter you can ever know.
  • more characters coming sooon


Chapter I: Evacuation of Central City

Chapter II: Goji enters the hunt

Chapter III: Meeting a wroggi in lakeview woods

Chapter IV: The diablos graveyard and the three deviljho

Chapter V: Flowers bloom in Goji's heart at Crystal mountains

Chapter VI: Mistpeak Village and the Hunter's guild

Chapter VII: Bagging the honeybear

Chapter VIII: Call of the bird wyverns

Chapter IX: Midogaron's fire

Chapter X: Drenched jungle, and a new friend

Chapter XI: Entering the Underground Caverns

Chapter XII: Bitterchilled Tundra 

Chapter XIII: Rematch with the Deviljho trio

Chapter XIV: Central City

Chapter XV: Meeting of the council of Revalius

Chaprter XVI: The death eater approaches

Chapter XVII: Going to the Volcanic ruins to find Hurricurse

Chapter XVIII: Goji against a dark figure...

Chapter XIX: Revalation

Chapter XX: Goji and Hurricurse v.s. Nigrum Cor

Epilogue: The Return of a new hero

Book 2: The Eternal Night

Characters that first appear here.....


Prologue: The darkness comes..

Chapter I: Goji and Miki's date

Chapter II: The howl of the thunder wolf wyvern

Chapter III: A friend in need...

Chapter IV: Meeting Kuros

Chapter V: Blaze's dilemma

Chapter VI: Yian Garuga in the Bitter chilled tundra

Chapter VII: 

more coming soon...

Book 3: Ending the War in Revalius

coming soon...ish

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