20px Tesla Wire+
Tesla-Wire-5 Attack 398 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute 549 18px N/A 170000z
Affinity        10%         Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Sharpness ------------------


Sharp Lagiacrus Tail (ShrpLagiTal): x2

Sharp Lagiacrus Claw (ShrpLagiClw): x3

Flashing Shell Shocker  (FlshngShlShckr): x2

Slots O--
Bonus None
Rarity 11
Description A super powerful sword made from S-Rank Lagiacrus parts. Just holding it makes your hairs stand on end
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> 20px Tesla Wire + >> Upgraded Into
Tesla Wire Tesla Sparkler
Fanon User's Sword and Shield Weapon Tree

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