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A Deviljho has killed a Great Froggi and is greedily feeding on its carcass when it feels the pulse of powerful wingbeats on its shoulder. Gazing upwards it stares directly into the jade blue eyes of the colourfully feathered Terratheros the legendary elder dragon of the jungle. Jho rears its head up to roar but before it could do so it feels the ground beneath it give way. Roots sprout from the forest floor and pull at Jho's legs tripping it and leaving it defenceless against the feathery demise that awaits it.


Terratheros is brilliant blue with stripes of orange along its flank. Built like a coatyl it does not possess any legs, but its eagle like wings are immense relative to body size. Its tail is covered with feathers that are turquoise blue coloured. The Terratheros beak is made of dragonite ore (which makes it emerald green) and its eyes are jade blue.


Normally docile, Terratheros will only attack when it sees an upset in the balance of the habitat it resides in. Therefore it will readily engage deviljhos when it sees them. Hunters will have the opportunity to hunt terratheros via the event quest "Kill 50 Aptonoth" However there is no quest where hunters are specifically asked to hunt this elder dragon. When the hunter enters an area with the presence of this elder dragon, he or she will notice an abundance of plant growth on the ground. In order to engage Terratheros the hunter must slay a herbivore in the same area, after which the elder dragon will descend and attack the hunter. Common attacks include a back flip tail swipe (Rathian) which does moderate damage, An orbital tail swipe where Terratheros lands briefly and flies upwards in a spiral motion, and a diving attack which inflicts incredible damage. In rage mode Terratheros tail feathers will open like a peacock adding to the lateral range of it's tail attacks, and a faint green aura will swirl around its body. While enraged, this elder dragon exerts control over plants and will attempt to ensnare hunters with tree roots. If it successfully traps the hunter Terratheros will take several bites out of his or her body and finish with a dive attack. Since Terratheros is an elder dragon and always in the air traps do not work on it. Ironically it is extremely vulnerable to flash bombs, which cause it to trip and fall for up to ten seconds giving hunters plenty of time to hack at it.

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