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Species: Brute Wyvern
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Terralos is a large male Wyvern (The female equivalent being the Terrian) living in areas where hard soil and large boulders are common. They are known as the "Stony Giants" due to their appearance. These creatures have four legs. They are classified as "Fear Wyverns", which are said to be the missing link between Elder Dragons and Flying Wyverns. The hard shell on their backs make them virtually invulnerable to attacks from above. They ingest many, many stones, making them a good supplier of Fear Wyvern Stones.


These creatures are very territorial, due to them needing large rock and hard-shelled herbivore supplies. They have calm demeanors when out of their territory, however, and it is for this reason that hunts in non-territory places are uncommon. Their eggs are laid near a stream, and when they hatch, they feed of the mother's milk until the second week of life. They then begin eating hard shells. The adult's diet consists of hard shells, particularly Rehnoplos shells, and rocks, especially high quality ores.


Low Rank

Terralos Shell

Terralos Fang

Terralos Marrow

Terralos Scalp

Terra Broth

Terra Ore

Fear Wyvern Gem

Fiery Earth Stone

High Rank

Terralos Carapace

Terralos Fang +

Terralos Marrow +

Terralos Headplate

Terra Broth

Terra Ore

Fear Wyvern Gem

Fiery Earth Stone

Low Rank Tail Carves

All Above, plus:

Terralos Spike

Terralos Tail

High Rank Tail Carves

Terralos Plate

Terralos Tail

Horn Carves

Terralos Horn

Terralos Scale

Carve Info

Five body carves. The horn offers one carve, while the tail offers two. If the body shell is broken, you can mine six times.

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