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The Terlapis is a mighty Brute Wyvern that inhabits volcanoes and other mountains, like the Volcano, Misty Peaks, and Elder Mines.


Unlike Barroth or Uragaan, this Brute Wyvern's arms are large and powerful, more akin to Brachydios. It uses them in the same way that a Flying Wyvern or Fanged Wyvern does; both for transportation and attack. It can do large leaps using its arms as vaulting poles, and it can climb sheer slopes with them. The arms, however, are not as fast as they may look, and are quite fragile to certain types of damage, such as cutting damage.

Its head and neck are evolved into complex pieces of camouflage. The head has two large horns that resemble stalagmites, to fit in to the caves and mountainous areas it frequents. The neck has similar structures lining its sides and top, designed to ward off predators and hide from them, too.

The tail is developed into a regular killing machine. It features many sharp spikes that, when slammed against something, grip them and do not release until they are broken or the creature allows them to fall off. Anything caught in the tail is never kept for more than two minutes. If the tail is broken, this attack will fail.


It has all normal wyvern attacks, with a few additions...

Grand Slam: Slams its tail into the hunter, swinging it sideways twice and then down. Signature move.

Body slam: Lifts itself up on its tail and back legs and slams down forward, crushing whatever is in front of it.

Fireborn Punches: 5 punches in front and to the sides of the creature. Strangely weak, but near impossible to escape.

Dragon God Fire: A series of punches, followed with a tail swing and a blast of fire from in front. The most powerful move; only done at G-Rank and in Rage Mode in High Rank.

Fire beam: A fire beam.


Great Sword: Terlapis Headboard

A mighty greatsword composed of the equally mighty Terlapis's horns.

Dragon 100

Sword and Shield: Terlapis Tailrapier

The large tail of a Terlapis made into a Sword and Shield.

Dragon 150


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