Nicknames: Telly, Telethia
Titles: Graceful Spectre, Stardust Dragon
Other Info
Description: A green-coloured Elder Dragon with 4 limbs
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Deserted Isle, Tower, Verdant Forest
Other monsters in Relation: Nargacuga, Barioth
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Speed Down, Fireblight
Weaknesses: Dragon on Wings, Fire on Head
Signature move: Light Beam
Creator: Imrik37
Telethion is an Flying Wyvern that first makes an appearance in Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate. Its main feature is spreading a dusty substance, similar to Teostra, which can slow hunters down.


"A slender Flying Wyvern that haunts the Deserted Island. The light it reflects can cause blindness at close range and is known for attacking swiftly by leaping off walls. Reports say it can use its light to attack foes."

Telethion is a small sized Flying Wyvern with a similar body posture to Tigrex and Nargacuga. It also shares the PsuedoWyvern's speed and agility, being able to run up walls and perform Barioth's jump attack. It has green scales covering its entire body, with golden coloured wings. Its head is extremely narrow, and can fire a thin light beam from its mouth.


  • It's name was inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles' Telethia.
  • The Light Beam attack causes Fireblight, even though Telethion is second-weakest to Fire.
  • It has a Nova attack similar to Teostra and Lagiacrus that causes giant explosions to surround it for a small period of time. The monster's size varies the size, quantity and damage of the explosions.
    • The explosions inflict Fireblight and Speed Down.

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